The $14+ EPC "InstaPortfolio" Funnel Generating $140,000+ Twice is Back Facebook + YouTube "SocialVid" Style

The 60 Sec Done-for-You SocialVid Biz-in-a-Box Converts like Crazy + $2,000 1st Day Prize!

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Launching: Wednesday June 17th, 1PM EST/NYC

Top Reasons to Jump On Board This Launch Now...

  • Hot Conversions & EPC's

    Up to 27.84%+ funnel conversions, 52% OTO conversions & $14+ EPCs! Our funnels are tight & carefully structured!

  • $2,000 1st Day Prize

    This is the top prize & more prizes will be announced throughout the launch on Days #2 & #3.

  • Innovative SocialVid

    Facebook + Video are HOT and convert like crazy. We are combining both with a proven funnel for a blockbuster launch.

  • A Product People LOVE

    People simply love our products and we always get exceptional feedback. PLUS We always over-deliver on value…

Get Instant Payment - Straight to Your Account

We love getting your commissions to you FAST, so if you have 50 sales or more on JVZoo we'll hook you up to receive
Instant Payments...If you don't have 50 sales or more on JVZoo just contact us, letting us know a bit more
about how you intend promote and lets see what we can do.

So exactly why is SocialVid InstaPortfolio going to CRUSH?

SocialVid InstaPortfolio is a WordPress theme that aims to give local social media & video consultants the perfect Social Video Portfolio tool for all their Social Media & Video services. Customers using your Social Media & Video Softwares like the "SocialMobi" line from Karthik & Martin, video creation tools like Video Maker FX, Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro need a done-for-you "Demo Portfolio Website" to demo their tools to potential clients & to close them. If you're a top affiliate we'll even build out pages in our website for your customers demo-ing your software & tools.

On top of that the upsells give your customers the hottest Done-for-You full blown portfolio site that features Facebook Video Apps and tons of Done-for-You Facebook Video Apps & the actual raw Videos which they can use outright. It's a WordPress theme and plugin pack, so all your customers need is there included in the pack.

Key Features...

  • SocialVid InstaPortfolio
  • FB Video Apps w/ Opt-ins
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Done-For-You Solution
  • Easy Installation
  • ZERO Coding Necessary…
  • Next Level Design and Graphics…
  • High Quality Build
  • Super SIMPLE System...

Unlimited Income Potential!

SocialVid InstaPortfolio doesn't just look HOT, the theme is a done-for-you solution for your customers who have already bought Social Media & Video products. Look, one of the factors why some of your customers don't have success with their products is that they just don't have the means to sell their products. SocialVid InstaPortfolio answers that!

Features include: Facebook Video App Demos, Complete Portfolio Pages, Complete About Us and Contact Us Pages, Mobile Responsive. Setting it up is an absolute breeze and your customers can build a monthly recurring revenue stream with their social video products and this awesome portfolio theme!

Tried & Tested by Real People, Making $1,000s!

When one of your customers buy SocialVid InstaPortfolio we show them exactly how to easily turn the system into a profit making machine. It's literally what they need - it's a proven system for both online and offline. With our past products customers have made $50,000+. We're talking about a tried and tested formula by our previous customers and the entire SqueezeMobi community who have used our products to make $1,000s of dollars.

Hot Social + Video Launch

Video is hot but combining Facebook + Video puts conversions on steroids. This is the new trend that you need to be on the forefront of & that is exactly what we are doing by introducing this revolutionary done-for-you business-in-a-box.

This Launch is Going To Be HOT... Grab Your Affiliate Links NOW!

Full Funnel and Commission info a little further down the page.

Why your list will LOVE You for recommending SocialVid InstaPortfolio...

Local & Online




Facebook Apps
+ Video


YouTube & Vimeo

Table & Strat

To Use

Passive Income


Our PROVEN Funnel Makes You a TON of Money

This is the same time-tested, funnel responsible for Hundreds of THOUSANDS of Dollars in commissions paid out to our valued affiliates like You and Pumped DIRECTLY in to Your Pocket... You will see WHY affiliates LOVE our launches...

Funnel Breakdown

The Front End

On the Front End there is a choice of 3 different usage licenses for the site, the technology and the graphics which are:

  1. Single Site Package (1 Personal Site Only - $14 early bird / $15 Day 1 / $16 Day 2 / $17 Day 3)
  2. Multi Site Package (5 Personal Sites Only - $14 early bird / $16 Day 1 / $17 Day 2 / $18 Day 3)
  3. Whitelabel Package (500 Personal/Client Sites - $14 early bird / $17 Day 1 / $18 Day 2 / $19 Day 3)

Scarcity will be emphasized each day of the launch starting with the Early Bird from 1 PM to 3 PM EST on Day 1 and then there will be a countdown timer that will expire each day at 11:59 PM EST. They simply pick which one suites them best…The choice is a No-Brainer to go for the top one! During Launch Your Customers will ONLY PAY a One-Time-Payment, NO MONTHLY FEES on the main offer! Once we close out the launch and go Evergreen, ALL new members will pay a MUCH Higher Price even on the Main Offer! The Front End Offer includes the SocialVid InstaPortfolio WordPress Theme with accompanying Plugins. They will also get a 1-page done-for-you portfolio landing page which can be easily imported. Check out the demo here - note the Front End DOES NOT include other pages than this one. It's solely this page: [demo coming soon]


OTO 1: SocialVid InstaPortfolio Full Blown Site and Done-for-You System

The pricing will be:

  1. $57 Early Bird from 1 PM to 3 PM EST
  2. $67 Day 1
  3. $68 Day 2
  4. $69 Day 3 (Closing Day)

This is an AWESOME System which includes:

10 Done-For-You Full Blown Site Pages that includes:

  1. Full 28 SocialVid Facebook App Portfolio Page (Videos Not Included) w/ Facebook Video App Lightbox Preview
  2. Facebook Video App Service Page
  3. Video Creation Service Page
  4. Facebook Fanpage Service Page
  5. Facebook Ad Service Page
  6. YouTube SEO & Management Service Page
  7. About Us
  8. Contact Us
  9. Quote Page
  10. Pricing
  11. Blog
  12. 2x Blog Articles

1-Click Import XML File
Full Theme Features

The upgrade can be setup in a matter of minutes so your customers can bank big!


OTO 2: Is our package of 28 Done-for-You Facebook Video Apps & Matching Videos that your customers can use right away from the SocialVid Portfolio Page. They can brand these as their own Facebook Apps & Videos that they used for their clients.

The pricing will be:

  1. $87 Early Bird from 1 PM to 3 PM
  2. $97 Day 1
  3. $98 Day 2
  4. $99 Day 3 (Closing Day)

Sales Page Preview


$2,000 1st Day Prize - To Boost Your Profits!

Want even MORE MONEY? Well just take a look at our HUGE Leaderboard Prize Pool, packed with a TON of Extra COLD HARD CASH to put in your pocket. We could also be running some Surprise Bonuses for Most Sales, Best Bonus, Best EPCs etc and Spot Prizes to be
announced via our JV emails so make sure you're reading them or you could miss out ... ANYONE can win...

Keep a lookout for Special Bonus announcements in you inbox…


Even More Awesome Reasons to Jump On Board...

What Do Industry Leaders Say About Our Launches?

SqueezeMobi release GREAT PRODUCTS that the market needs. I can promote anything they release safe in the knowledge that my customers will be looked after, and they show me support in return. Some SqueezeMobi promos have been amongst my most profitable so I always take a look to see what they have coming up!

Martin Crumlish
Martin Crumlish Software Developer & Master Marketer

I've been working with Neil and the Squeezmobi guys for almost 2 years now. They always have TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS and Every Time I promote, I make a Ton of Money! But more Important to me than that, is that they Always Take Care of My Customers. I know that when I refer my customers, they are always going to be well taken care of by the Squeezmobi crew.

Jack Scanlan
Jack Scanlan Owner at Omega Media LLC

We've promoted for Squeezemobi on lots of occasions over the last couple of years. They consistently bring innovative products to the marketplace, and we know our customers always get looked after. Likewise, Squeezemobi have promoted many of our products and we always have to make sure to upgrade our server! On one of our products, they did a combined 533 sales on the funnel!

David Chamberlain
David Chamberlain CEO / Founder -PluginBeast

Neil & SqueezeMobi have been one of our top JV Partners and their products and support are of Top Quality. Their launches have high EPCs and knowing that my customers are taken care of i am very happy to promote their launches. They have always supported my launches back and overall a wonderful experience working with the squeezemobi team.

Karthik Ramani
Karthik Ramani Founder - Jargon Handlers

SqueezeMobi have always been FANTASTIC affiliates for us - always ending up in the Top #3. Their products are easy to promote too, especially with their done-for-you format which most of our customers want! If you are considering working with them, don't think twice - they are good to their affiliates!

Neil Napier
Neil Napier CEO / Founder -KVSocial

Neil and The SqueezeMobi team are one of the most consistent promoters that I have had the pleasure of working with! When these guys say they are going to promote you, they always over deliver! Constantly hitting the top spots in any JV contest that I run & nothing but respect for these big hitters! Cheers, Lee

Lee Pennington
Lee Pennington CEO / Founder- LeadSeven

Happy Customers Are Our Top Priority...

We take Customer Care VERY Seriously...Not only are our products of the Highest Quality you'll find Anywhere in the industry but also our Customer Support is SECOND TO NONE! Our Dedicated Support Team are Ready and Waiting to Pounce
with answers to Any Questions as soon as a ticket hits the desk...They Totally ROCK!


  • DEDICATED Cutomer Care, Support Team...
  • Super FAST Response Times...
  • Customer Support Satisfaction of OVER 97%...
  • Average Response Time of Under 3 Hours...
  • Result? 1000's of Happy Customers...
  • We CARE and it Shows...

Do we Reciprocate? Absolutely!

You will see our name on top leaderboards for some of the most popular and powerful products out there. You are a partner in our success and we love to promote great products that our customers can get fantastic value and benefits from.

So, yes, we support, reciprocate and work with our affiliates to help everyone in the industry succeed…

If you have an upcoming launch and want support all you have to do is ask our JV Manager and we will see if we can schedule a mailing for your high-quality product as well…

Got Questions? We Have Answers! - Just Give Us a Shout

This launch is going to be crazy...Please feel free to Skype me if you need anything!
Thank you so much for your support. It won’t be forgotten!

Neil Bosley

Jian Bacallan

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