5-Step SMS/Text Messaging Marketing Cycle Blueprint

When we talk about SMS / Text message marketing with local business owners, for some reason they often get extremely confused and have a tough time grasping the concept unless you have a SECRET resource…

The 5-Step SMS / Text Message Marketing Cycle

Click this link:

The diagram in the link shows you exactly how the SMS marketing cycle works.

Print it out. Save it. Send it to your potential clients.

It simplifies the process and your clients will get the “value” behind text message marketing and how SMS marketing drives revenues.

This is essential because SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools that gets real ROI for local business owners so you have to be able to sell it and explain it to them before you can start implementing these ROI-driven campaigns.

Here’s a review of the 5-steps:

1. The customer finds out about the offer by seeing a flyer/poster or anything that says “Text (keyword such as EAT) to (short code number; for example 12345) to receive your free soft drink with your meal”

2. Customer sends the text with the keyword to the short code number

3. Customer receives text confirmation of opt in since the customer has been added to the local business’s database of phone numbers

4. Customer then receives SMS special deals whenever the local business wants to market to their database of
phone numbers

5. Customer takes action on the offer and redeems these coupons at the local business meaning more revenues
for that local business

Memorize those 5-steps so that you can explain how SMS marketing works in very simple terms to local businesses and potential prospects.

Like I mentioned, this is super powerful. There are even more advanced SMS marketing campaigns such as “appointment setters” which can be very powerful (Noah from our community regularly banks $1,000+ deals with the appt setter) or even direct mobile coupons but let’s stick
with the simple cycle for today!

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